Virginia, Notre Dame Lead Qualifiers on Opening Day of the 2014 @ACCRowing Championship


Cavs, Irish posted fastest times in Qualifying Heats; Finals to be Held Saturday Beginning at 8:02 a.m.

Clemson, S.C.—Defending champion Virginia recorded the fastest heat times in all four events of the 15th Annual Atlantic Coast Conference Rowing Championships, held Friday on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C.

The first day of the Championship was held in less than ideal conditions as teams rowed against a headwind that was 7-8 miles per hour during the middle of the race and 3-4 miles per hour at the start.

Virginia’s First Varsity Four recorded a time of 7:38.8 in the first heat while Notre Dame had the next fastest time, posting a 7:46.7 clocking in Heat 2 of the First Varsity Four.

In the Second Varsity Eight, UVa had a time of 6:42.4 in the first heat, with Notre Dame taking the second heat in a time of 6:50.0.

Finally in the First Varsity Eight, the Cavaliers finished first in Heat 1 with a time of 6:42.7 with Notre Dame again finishing with the second best time, a 6:47.6 clocking in Heat 2.

The ACC Rowing Championships continue Saturday at Clemson with the finals for the Third Varsity Eight at 8:02 a.m., followed by Petite and Grand Finals for the First Varsity Four, Second Varsity Eight and First Varsity Eight.

The ACC Rowing Championship will be video streamed live by the ACC Digital Network with Dean Linke handling the play-by-play and Steve Pritzker doing the color analysis.

There is no charge for admission.

The Results

Head Wind 3-4 mph at start, 7-8 mph at 1,000 meters

Heat 1—First Varsity Four—1.Virginia, 7:39.8; 2. Duke, 7:52.9; 3. Clemson, 8:03.00; 4. North Carolina, 8:37.9.

Heat 2—First Varsity Four—1. Notre Dame, 7:46.7; 2. Syracuse, 7:58.9; 3. Boston College, 8:03.70; 4. Miami, 8:20.70.

Heat 1—Second Varsity Eight—1.Virginia, 6:42.4; 2. Clemson, 7:06.2; 3. Duke, 7:10.8; 4. North Carolina, 7:16.7.

Heat 2—Second Varsity Eight—1.  Notre Dame, 6:50.0; 2. Syracuse, 6:55.0; 3. Miami, 7:02.8; 4. Boston College,  7:08.1.

Heat 1—First Varsity Eight—1. Virginia, 6:42.7; 2. Clemson, 6:53.9; 3. Duke, 6:56.3; 4. North Carolina, 7:15.1.

Heat 2—First Varsity Eight—1. Notre Dame, 6:47.6; 2. Syracuse, 6:56.0; 3. Miami, 7:02.8; 4. Boston College, 7:13.1.

Saturday’s Finals Schedule

8:02 a.m.—Third Varsity Eight Final

8:10 a.m.—First Varsity Four, Petite Final

8:20 a.m.—First varsity Four, Grand Final

8:30 a.m.—Second Varsity Eight, Petite Final

8:40 a.m.—Second varsity Eight, Grand Final

8:50 a.m.—First Varsity Eight, Petite Final

9:00 a.m.—First Varsity Eight, Grand Final