Notre Dame’s Anna Kottkamp Named 2014 ACC Rowing Scholar-Athlete

Notre Dame Junior Heads All-ACC Academic Rowing Team
Fifty-Three Person Team Chosen From A Record 173 Nominees From Eight Schools

GREENSBORO, NC—The Atlantic Coast Conference Rowing Scholar-Athlete of the Year, Anna Kottkamp of Notre Dame, leads the 2014 All-ACC Academic Rowing Team announced Tuesday by Commissioner John D. Swofford.

Kottkamp, a junior from Wenatchee, Wash., who is majoring in Environmental Science, is a member of Notre Dame’s First Varsity Eight boat that posted a ninth-place finish at the NCAA Rowing Championships which also resulted in a ninth-place team finish for the Irish, tying the school’s best-ever NCAA finish. She has a 4.0 GPA for the spring semester and her career GPA is also a 4.0.  She was honored at the NCAA Rowing Championships with the NCAA’s Elite 89 Awards for having the highest cumulative GPA of any 2014 NCAA Rowing competitor.

She also helped Notre Dame’s First Varsity Eight to a second-place finish at the ACC Championship as the Irish also finished second as a team in their first season of competition in the conference. Kottkamp was named one of the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) Scholar-Athletes, the second straight year she has been named a CRCA Scholar-Athlete. 

Kottkamp was one of 11 Notre Dame rowers named to the All-ACC Academic Rowing team, the most of any school. Clemson was next with 10 honorees, followed by Virginia with seven, Syracuse and Duke with six each, Boston College and Miami with five apiece and North Carolina with three.

In all, five All-Americas, 14 members of the All-ACC Rowing team, 38 CRCA Scholar-Athletes and 13 CRCA All-Region honorees are featured on the 2014 All-ACC Academic Rowing Team. The 53 rowers were selected from a record pool of 173 nominees from the ACC’s eight schools who sponsor rowing, an impressive average of 21.6 nominees per school. 

To be nominated for the All-ACC Academic team, student-athletes must have recorded a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average in the winter semester and have maintained a 3.0 career GPA at their respective schools. 

Notre Dame’s Erin Boxberger (Overland Park, Kan.) and Virginia’s Brandy Herald (Portland,. Ore.) were also named first team All-Americas, while Notre Dame’s Molly Bruggeman (Dayton, Ohio), Syracuse’s Georgia Hamilton (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) and Virginia’s Constanze Duell (Oberschleissheim, Germany) were second-team All-America honorees.

The 14 members of the All-ACC Rowing squad selected to the All-ACC Academic team were Ellen Burr (Cazenovia, N.Y.) of Boston College; Samantha Duggan (Christchurch, N.Z.) and Paula Wesselmann  (Flensburg, Germany) of Clemson; Caroline Williams (Raleigh, N.C.) of Duke; Breanna Hayton (Victoria, British Columbia) of Miami; Maria Santoyo (Raleigh, N.C.) of North Carolina; Boxberger, Bruggeman and Christina Dines (Buffalo, N.Y.); Hamilton and Rebecca Soja (Simsbury, Conn.); and Duell, Herald and Elle Murray (Tampa, Fla.) of Virginia.

Miami’s Breanna Hayton was named to the All-ACC Academic Rowing team for the fourth straight year while Boston College’s Burr and Clemson’s Laura D’Urso (Culdaff, Dunross, Ireland) and Giulia Longatti (Como, Italy) earned their third consecutive honors.

A total of 12 repeated from last year’s Academic All-ACC team including Burr and Kaitlyn Votta (Wallingford, Pa.) of Boston College; D’Urso and Longatti of Clemson; Grace Cassidy (New Fairfield, Conn.), Caroline Kiritsy (West Roxbury, Mass.) and Claire Vannelli (London, Ontario, Can.) of Duke; Hayton of Miami; Santoyo of North Carolina; and Duell, Sarah McGovern (Bala Cynwyd, Pa.) and Catherine Multari (Halifax, Nova Scotia) of Virginia. 

The 38 CRCA scholar-athletes who were also selected for the All-ACC Academic team included Burr, Votta and Alicia McKean (Athol, Mass.) of Boston College; Duggan, D’Urso, Longatti, Wesselmann, Stephannie Allen (Orlando, Fla.), Erin Ferguson (Rock Hill, S.C.), Julie Gilbert (Fenton, Mich.), Rebecca Kretzer (Richmond, Va.),  Emily Mutschler (Huntingtown, Md.) and Anna Skochdopole (Indianapolis, Ind.) of Clemson; Vannelli of Duke;  Hayton, Sarah Ashebrock (North Shore, N.Z.) and Caitlin Lowe (Al;exandria, N.Z.) of Miami;  Santoyo, Allie Davis (Dublin, Ohio) and Sarah Priest (Chapel Hill, N.C.) of North Carolina; Boxberger, Bruggeman, Dines, Kottkamp, Rose Doerfler (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Courtney Gaberino (Pewaukee, Wis.), Sarah Kappers (Cincinnati, Ohio), Teresa Rubinger (Arlington, Va.), Katie Skorcz (Round Lake, Ill.) and Alex Techar (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) of Notre Dame; Hamilton, Soja, Chelsea Frawley (Melbourne, Australia), Caroline Habjan (New Milford, Conn.) and Miranda Williams (Newtown, Australia) of Syracuse; McGovern, Multari and Kaitlyn McCullough (Campbell, Calif.) of Virginia.

2014 All-Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Rowing Team
Name                                      Class    Academic Major                         School                      Hometown
Stephannie Allen               Jr.         Wildlife Biology                           Clemson                  Orlando, Fla.
Sarah Aschebrock              So.        Criminology                                  Miami                       North Shore, N.Z.
Erin Boxberger                    Jr.         Design                                            Notre Dame           Overland Park, Kan.
Molly Bruggeman              Sr.         Anthropology                              Notre Dame           Dayton, Ohio
Ellen Burr                               Jr.         International Studies                Boston College      Cazenovia, N.Y.
Grace Cassidy                      Sr.         Religion                                          Duke                         New Fairfield, Conn.
Alycia Da’Loia-Moore       Sr.         Clinical Social Work                    Boston College      Bronx, N.Y.
Allie Davis                              Sr.         Political Science                          North Carolina       Dublin, Ohio
Christina Dines                    Sr.         American Studies                       Notre Dame           Buffalo, N.Y.
Rose Doerfler                      Jr.         Chemical Engineering               Notre Dame           Pittsburgh, Pa.    
Constanze Duell                 Jr.         Kinesiology                                   Virginia                     Oberschleissheim, Ger.
Samantha Duggan             Jr.         Architecture                                 Clemson                  Christchurch, N.Z.
Laura D’Urso                        Sr.         Sociology                                       Clemson                  Dunross, Culdaff, Ireland
Erin Ferguson                      So.        Biology                                           Clemson                  Rock Hill, S.C.
Chelsea Frawley                 Fr.         Communication & Rhet.          Syracuse                  Melbourne, Australia
Courtney Gaberino           Sr.         Mechanical Engineering          Notre Dame           Pewaukee, Wis. 
Julie Gilbert                          So.        Microbiology                                Clemson                  Fenton, Mich.
Caroline Habjan                  Jr.         Biotechnology                             Syracuse                  New Milford, Conn.
Georgia Hamilton               Jr.         International Relations            Syracuse                  Missassauga, Ontario 
Meghan Hamilton              Jr.         Exercise Physiology                   Miami                       Davie, Fla.
Breanna Hayton                 Sr.         Aerospace Engineering           Miami                       Victoria, B.C., Canada
Brandy Herald                     Sr.         Psychology                                   Virginia                     Portland, Ore.
Sarah Kappers                     So.        Science Preprofessional          Notre Dame           Cincinnati, Ohio
Caroline Kiritsy                    Sr.         Mechanical Engineering          Duke                         West Roxbury, Mass.
Anna Kottkamp                  Jr.         Environmental Science            Notre Dame           Wenatchee, Wis.
Rebecca Kretzer                 So.        Mechanical Engineering          Clemson                  Richmond, Va.
Giulia Longatti                     Jr.         Political Science                          Clemson                  Como, Italy
Caitlin Lowe                          So.        Exercise Physiology                   Miami                       Alexandria, N.Z.
Maggie McCrudden          Sr.         Nutrition                                        Syracuse                  Ridgewood, N.J.
Kaitlyn McCullough           Sr.         Commerce                                    Virginia                     Campbell, Calif.
Kelly McElduff                     Jr.         Nursing                                          Boston College      Duxbury, Mass.
Sarah McGovern                Sr.         Psychology                                   Virginia                     Bala Cynwyd, Pa.
Alicia McKean                      Jr.         Applied Psychology                   Boston College      Athol, Mass.         
Catherine Multari              Sr.         Kinesiology                                   Virginia                     Halifax, Nova Scotia
Joanna Mulvey                   So.        Mechanical Engineering          Notre Dame           Staatsburg, N.Y.
Elle Murray                           Sr.         Foreign Affairs                            Virginia                     Tampa, Fla.
Emily Mutschler                  So.        Parks, Rec. & Tourism              Clemson                  Huntingtown, Md.
Sarah Priest                          Jr.         Exercise & Sport Science         North Carolina       Chapel Hill, N.C.
Georgia Ratcliff                   Fr.         Undeclared                                  Virginia                     Falls Church, Va.
Teresa Rubinger                 Sr.         History                                            Notre Dame           Arlington, Va.
Maria Santoyo                     Sr.         Global Studies                             North Carolina       Raleigh, N.C.        
Anna Skochdopole            So.        Biological Sciences                     Clemson                  Indianapolis, Ind.
Katie Skorcz                          So.        Accountancy                                Notre Dame           Round Lake, Ill.
Rebecca Soja                       Sr.         Architecture                                 Syracuse                  Simsbury, Conn.
Sophia Staal                          Jr.         Political Science                          Duke                         Nairobi, Kenya
Alex Stonehill                      So.        Evolutionary Anthropology    Duke                         Norwalk, Conn.
Alex Techar                          So.        International Economics         Notre Dame           Toronto, Ont., Can.
Claire Vannelli                     Jr.         Biomedical Engineering           Duke                         London, Ont., Canada      
Kaitlyn Votta                        Jr.         Biology                                           Boston College      Wallingford, Pa.
Paula Wesselmann            So.        Industrial Engineering              Clemson                  Flensburg, Germany
Caroline Williams                Jr.         Civil & Environmental Eng.     Duke                         Raleigh, N.C.
Miranda Williams               Sr.         Psychology & Gender Stud.   Syracuse                  Newtown, Australia          
Alison Whitty                       So..      Exercise Physiology                   Miami                       St. Catharines, Ont., Can.