Virginia Sweeps All Four Events to Win Fifth Straight ACC Rowing Title


Cavaliers Have Now Won 14 of 15 ACC Rowing Championships

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Clemson, S.C.—In impressive fashion, fifth-ranked Virginia captured its fifth consecutive Atlantic Coast Conference Rowing Championships, winning all four events by decisive margins fashion Saturday before a crowd of approximately 1,000 fans on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C.

Virginia scored 80 points followed by Notre Dame (67), Syracuse (61), Clemson (48), Duke (41), Miami (28), Boston College (23) and North Carolina (11).

The ACC Championship  was held in good conditions for rowing with a cross head wind averaging just one mile per hour and temperatures in the high 50s.

The win for the Cavaliers was their 14th ACC title in the 15 years of the event, having lost only in 2009 to Clemson.

"Today was a great day for Virginia rowing and I am very proud of our student-athletes and how they performed today,” said Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer.  “We have had a great team attitude all year and we are excited to represent the ACC and the University of Virginia at the NCAA Championships. Thanks to Clemson and Robbie Tennebaum for hosting an outstanding regatta.”

The Cavaliers’ First Varsity Eight was voted the ACC Crew of the Year after coming within seven tenths of a second of the ACC Rowing Championship Record with a 6:22.7 clocking for the 2,000-meter course. The event record of 6:22.0 was set by UVa in 2008, also on Lake Hartwell.

The Virginia First Varsity Eight crew is composed of coxswain  Sarah Jordan (Sr. Flourtown, Pa.); Stroke: Constanze Duell (Sr., Oberschlesissheim, Germany);  7-seat: Chandler Lally (Jr., Bryn Mawr, Pa.); 6-seat: Georgia Ratcliff (Fr., Falls Church, Va.),;  5-seat: Brandy Herald (Sr., Portland, Ore.), 4-seat: Fiona Schlesinger (Sr., Surrey, United Kingdom);  3:-seat Lizzy Youngling (Jr., Westport, Conn.);  2-seat: Hemingway Benton (Jr., Glencoe, Ill.);  Bow: Elle Murray (Sr., Tampa, Fla.).

The performance by Virginia overshadowed an excellent effort by five ACC First Varsity Eight boats which all finished with time of 6:37.5 or better. In addition to Virginia, Notre Dame (6:28.8), Syracuse (6:33.0), Clemson (6:36.5) and Duke (6:37.5) all turned in impressive times which were better than Virginia’s winning time in 2013 (6:46.08).

Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer was named the ACC Coach of the Year by vote of the ACC head coaches. This is the 10th time—and fifth in a row—that he has received that honor.

 "This honor is a tribute to my outstanding staff and all the hard work they put in each and every day and to our student-athletes; they deserve all the credit,” said Sauer.

"My staff, including assistant coaches Brett Sickler, Josh Gautreau, Lauren Jewett and Laura Kocourek, out boatman Roger Payne, our athletic trainer Keith Thomson and everyone else who works with the team deserve all the credit.”

Virginia freshman Georgia Ratcliff from Falls Church, Va., was also voted the ACC Freshman of the Year.

"I am very honored and humbled to be recognized amongst a conference full of amazing athletes that are just as or more deserving than myself,” said Ratcliff.

The All-ACC first team included coxswain Sarah Jordan Sr., Flourtown, Pa.), Brandy Herald (Sr., Portland, Ore.), Elle Murray (Sr., Tampa, Fla.) and Fiona Schlesinger (Sr., New Malden, Surrey, Unitred Kingdon) of Virginia; Molly Bruggeman (Sr., Dayton, Ohio) and Erin Boxberger (Jr., Overland Park, Kan.) of Notre Dame; Georgia Hamilton (Jr., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) of Syracuse; Samantha Duggan (Jr., Christchurch, New Zealand) of Clemson and Grace  Cassidy (Sr., New Fairfield, Conn.) of Duke.

The All-ACC second team included coxswain Christina Dines (Sr., Buffalo, N.Y.) and Ailish Sheehan (Kildare County, Limerick, Ireland) of Notre Dame; Constanze Duell  (Oberschleissheim, Germany) of Virginia; Rebecca Soja (Sr., Simsbury, Conn.) of Syracuse; Paul Wesselman (So., Flensburg, Germany); of Clemson; Caroline Williams (Jr., Raleigh, N.C.) of Duke; Breanna Hayton (Sr., Victoria, British Columbia) of Miami; Ellen Burr (Cazenovia, N.Y.) of Boston College; and Maria Santoyo (Raleigh, N.C.) of North Carolina.  

The Cavaliers began the day on top in the Third Varsity Eight and never looked back as the Cavaliers crew of coxswain Collette Lucas-Conwell (Fr., Palo Alto, Calif.); Stroke:  Karen Schulte Fr., Trout Run, Pa.);  7-seat: Kaitlin Fanikos (Jr., Boston, Mass.); 6-seat:  Hannah Solis-Cohen (So., New York, N.Y.);   5-seat: Maggie Bowman-Jones (Jr., Moss Beach, Calif.);  4-seat:  Kathryn Cook (So., Norfolk, Va.);  3-seat: Allie Nicholson (Fr., Charlottesville, Va.);  2-seat:  Jennifer Reid (So., Stafford, Va.) and  bow: Tessa Dikkers (So., Pelham, N.Y.) posted a season’s best time of 6:38.2 in claiming first place by 18 seconds over Notre Dame (6:56.4).

Virginia then won the First Varsity Four Grand Final in the time of 7:21.3, defeating Notre Dame (7:30.0) by more than eight seconds. UVa’s First Varsity Four crew is composed of coxswain Julia Roithmayr (Jr., Yorktown, Va.), Stroke: Hannah Yoest (Jr., Arlington, Va.), 3: Ella van der Haar (Grad., Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 2: Maddie Keating (Jr., Severna Park, Md.), Bow: Kaity McCullough (Sr., Campbell, Calif.).

The Cavaliers also prevailed in the Second Varsity Eight, as the crew of coxswain Sarah McGovern (Sr., Bala Cynwyd, Pa.); Stroke: Ellen Pate (Fr., Lafayette, Calif.); 7-seat: Janey Brennan (Fr., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.);  6-seat: Erin Briggs (Fr., Orono, Minn.);  5-seat: Hannah Osborne (Fr., Waitomo Caves, New Zealand);  4-seat: Catherine Multari (Sr., Halifax, Nova Scotia);  3-seat: Sam Casto (So., Dallas, Pa.);  2-seat: Mackenzi Sherman (So., Los Alamitos, Calif.) and Bow: Jo Gurman (Fr., Weston, Conn.), posted a time of 6:34.8, in finishing ahead of second-place Syracuse (6:43.4) by more than eight seconds.


Saturday, May 17, Championship Finals Results
Cross headwind of 1 mph.

Team Score—1. Virginia, 80; 2. Notre Dame, 67; 3. Syracuse, 61; 4. Clemson, 48; 5. Duke, 41; 6. Miami, 28; 7. Boston College, 23; 8. North Carolina, 11.

Third Varsity Eight Final—1. Virginia, 6:38.2; 2. Notre Dame, 6:56.4; 3. Syracuse, 6:56.9; 4. Clemson, 7:02.1; 5. Duke, 7:08.3; 6. Boston College, 7:12.0; 7. North Carolina, 7:20.2.

First Varsity Four, Petite Final—1.  Miami, 7:59.7; 2. North Carolina, 8:12.2.

First Varsity Four, Grand Final—1. Virginia, 7:21.3; 2. Notre Dame, 7:30.0; 3. Duke, 7:35.7; 4. Syracuse, 7:39.8; 5. Clemson, 7:42.8; 6. Boston College, 7:47.7.

Second Varsity Eight, Petite Final—1. Boston College, 7:09.5; 2. North Carolina, 7:18.0.

Second Varsity Eight, Grand Final—1. Virginia,  6:34.8; 2. Syracuse, 6:43.4; 3. Notre Dame, 6:44.7; 4. Clemson, 6:57.0; 5. Miami, 7:01.6; 6. Duke, 7:09.1.

First Varsity Eight, Petite Final—1. Boston College, 6:56.2; 2. North Carolina, 7:00.30.

First Varsity Eight, Grand Final—1. Virginia, 6:22.7; 2. Notre Dame, 6:28.8; 3. Syracuse, 6:33.0; 4. Clemson, 6:36.5; 5. Duke, 6:37.5; 6. Miami, 6:50.6.


Friday, May 16, Heat Results

Head Wind 3-4 mph at start, 7-8 mph at 1,000 meters

Heat 1—First Varsity Four—1.Virginia, 7:39.8; 2. Duke, 7:52.9; 3. Clemson, 8:03.00; 4. North Carolina, 8:37.9.

Heat 2—First Varsity Four—1. Notre Dame, 7:46.7; 2. Syracuse, 7:58.9; 3. Boston College, 8:03.70; 4. Miami, 8:20.70.

Heat 1—Second Varsity Eight—1.Virginia, 6:42.4; 2. Clemson, 7:06.2; 3. Duke, 7:10.8; 4. North Carolina, 7:16.7.

Heat 2—Second Varsity Eight—1.  Notre Dame, 6:50.0; 2. Syracuse, 6:55.0; 3. Miami, 7:02.8; 4. Boston College,  7:08.1.

Heat 1—First Varsity Eight—1. Virginia, 6:42.7; 2. Clemson, 6:53.9; 3. Duke, 6:56.3; 4. North Carolina, 7:15.1.

Heat 2—First Varsity Eight—1. Notre Dame, 6:47.6; 2. Syracuse, 6:56.0; 3. Miami, 7:02.8; 4. Boston College, 7:13.1.

ACC Crew of the Year:  Virginia First Varsity Eight--coxswain  Sarah Jordan (Sr. Flourtown, Pa.); Stroke: Constanze Duell (Sr., Oberschlesissheim, Germany);  7-seat: Chandler Lally (Jr., Bryn Mawr, Pa.); 6-seat: Georgia Ratcliff (Fr., Falls Church, Va.),;  5-seat: Brandy Herald (Sr., Portland, Ore.), 4-seat: Fiona Schlesinger (Sr., Surrey, United Kingdom);  3:-seat Lizzy Youngling (Jr., Westport, Conn.);  2-seat: Hemingway Benton (Jr., Glencoe, Ill.);  Bow: Elle Murray (Sr., Tampa, Fla.).

ACC Coach of the Year—Kevin Sauer, Virginia

ACC Freshman of the Year—Georgia Ratcliff (Falls Church, Va.)

All-ACC First Team
Coxswainr—Sarah Jordan, Virginia
Brandy Herald, Virginia
Elle Murray, Virginia
Fiona Schlesinger, Virginia
Molly Bruggeman, Notre Dame
Erin Boxberger,  Notre Dame
Georgia Hamilton, Syracuse
Samantha Duggan, Clemson
Grace  Cassidy, Duke

All-ACC Second Team
Coxswainr—Christina Dines, Notre Dame
Ailish Sheehan, Notre Dame
Constanze Duell, Virginia
Rebecca Soja, Syracuse
Paul Wesselman, Clemson
Caroline Williams, Duke
Breanna Hayton, Miami
Ellen Burr, Boston College
Maria Santoyo,  North Carolina