Shane Battier Says Goodbye To Duke In 2001 | ACC Hidden Gems

As Shane Battier's NBA career comes to a close, the ACC Digital Network looks back to the end of his time at Duke. In February 2001, Battier's jersey was retired and he was honored on Senior Night, capping off a special chapter in his basketball career.

Virginia's Joe Harris Throws Out First Pitch | ACC Baseball Weekly

ACC Baseball Weekly goes station-to-station with all the news around the Atlantic Coast Conference. This week, ACC Digital Network host Jeff Fischel analyzes UVA basketball star Joe Harris' pitching mechanics, discusses a record-setting game for NC State's Carlos Rodon, and gives you the walk-off stat of the week.

Shane Battier's Unbelievable Chase Down Block Against UNC | ACC Hidden Gems

As Shane Battier's NBA career comes to an end, the ACC Digital Network looks back at one of Battier's most iconic moments at Duke. On March 4, 2001 the Blue Devil legend chased down Joe Forte for an incredible block that led to a 5-point Duke swing. Proving again why Battier was the 3-time NABC Defensive Player of the Year.

Shane Battier Says Goodbye To Duke In 2001 | ACC Hidden Gems

As Shane Battier's NBA career comes to a close, the ACC Digital Network looks back to the end of his time at Duke. In February 2001, Battier's jersey was retired and he was honored on Senior Night, capping off a special chapter in his basketball career.

Jabari Parker's Draft Decision Nearing | ACC NOW

Duke's Jabari Parker is close to making an important decision, a Clemson quarterback is dismissed from the team, the ACC was well represented at the WNBA draft, plus more!

Instant Classic: North Carolina vs Syracuse | 2014 ACC Lacrosse

The stakes were enormous for this weekend's lacrosse showdown between North Carolina and Syracuse. The two teams did not disappoint, delivering an instant classic at the Carrier Dome on Saturday. Senior Billy Ward scored in double overtime to give the Orange an 11-10 win and a berth in the ACC tournament. The ACC Digital Network presents extended highlights from the Thriller At The Dome!

Pitt Football Has "The Hottest Guy In The Draft" | ACC NOW

Randolph Childress will remain on Danny Manning's staff at Wake Forest, Adonis Filer is leaving Clemson, a Pitt football player is being called "the hottest guy in the draft," plus more!

Syracuse Lacrosse's Billy Ward Game Winner in Double OT vs UNC | ACC Must See Moment

Syracuse lacrosse player Billy Ward scores the game winner in double overtime against North Carolina. The goal and 11-10 win propelled the Orange into the ACC Lacrosse Tournament.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) SAAC representatives play an important role in bridging the gap between administrative personnel and the student-athlete body both at their respective institutions and throughout the conference. The committee is designed to incorporate ideas and opinions from student-athletes into legislative decisions that will affect our academic and athletic pursuits. These athletes are developing valuable leadership skills as they address changes in rules and regulations, organize community service events, and build a positive image for collegiate athletes.

ACC SAAC Guiding Principles

The ACC SAAC will be guided by the following principles: ethics, integrity, fairness, and a respect for diversity, which shall include attention to gender, race, ethnicity and sport.

Mission Statement

The Atlantic Coast Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, which represents diverse views and backgrounds of student-athletes, was established to serve as a medium of communication through which student-athletes, conference administrators, institutional representatives, NCAA representatives and coaches discuss and take action on issues relating to rules and regulations; student-athlete welfare; and community service.

History of the ACC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) was created in 1998 with the purpose of reviewing the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) activities and proposed legislation and offer student-athletes input to a variety of Conference constituencies.

The initial committee was comprised of one student-athlete from all nine (9) institutions ensuring that the student-athlete voice accounted for the myriad of educational and athletics experiences of both female and male student-athletes at all ACC member institutions. In May of 2000, the Conference decided to elect two representatives from each school, preferably participants of different seasons with hopes of all sports represented and availability of at least one student-athlete to attend each meeting. May 2001, the conference approved to assign two alternates from each institution with intent to have 2 representatives at each meeting.

Each school is responsible for nominating at least four student-athletes to represent their institution on the SAAC. The ACC will select two student-athletes from each institution. The other two will serve as alternates. There will be one student-athlete from the SAAC who will represent the ACC on the NCAA SAAC.

Atlantic Coast Conference Student Athlete Advisory Committee 2012-13
Nina BaumbergerFemale Field Hockey Sophomore
Collin FedorMaleTrackJunior
Ashlynn Fields Female Track Sophomore
Jason Castillo Male Swimming Junior
Kathryn Wiley Female Rowing Junior
Marcus Brown Male Track Senior
Emily Howard Female Diving Senior
Kelly Gramlich Female Basketball Junior
DUKE | Facebook | @DukeSAAC
Audrey Gibson Female Soccer Junior
Remy Janco Male Baseball Junior
Tyler Toren Male Swimming Junior
Immanuel Kerr-Brown Male Wrestling Senior
Stefan Brits Male Track Senior
Hannah Wilson Female Swimming Senior
Brandon Johnson Male Baseball Senior
Marecia Pemberton Female Track 5th Year
Ivona Kolak Female Volleyball Senior
Aaron Peek Male Basketball Junior
Ashley Thomas Female Softball Senior
Jeremy Wegener Male Cross Country Junior
MARYLAND | Facebook
Andreene Elliott Female Volleyball Junior
Jeremiah Johnson Male Football Junior
Patrick Cole Male Track Senior
Shannon Bustillos Female Softball Junior
Connor Adams Male Track Junior
Jack Murphy Male Tennis Sophomore
Breanna Hayton Female Rowing Senior
Maria Brown Female Basketball Senior
Michael Jacobs Male Cross Country Junior
David Collins Male Football Senior
Kelly Corish Female Swimming Junior
Devon Carter Male Track Senior
Kody Burke Female Basketball Senior
Christian McCurdy Male Swimming Sophomore
Milton Hall Male Football Junior
William Nance Male Baseball Sophomore
Kiersten DeHaven Female Rowing Senior
Jes Christian Female Track Senior
Max Lachowecki Male Soccer Junior
Tom Knight Male Basketball 5th Year
John Cordier Male Field Soccer Senior
PJ Tasser Male Wrestling Senior
Maria Nicholas Female Volleyball Senior
Jocelyn Lu Female Tennis Senior
Shirley Daniels Female Softball Senior
Aleah Marrow Female Tennis Senior
Derek DeJoe Male Larosse Sophomore
John Kinder Male Football Junior
Logan Clements Female Track Senior
Alec Vozenilik Male Football Junior
Bryan Lima Male Soccer Senior
Elizabeth Brightwell Female Golf Senior
Carol Kahoun Female Tennis Senior
Courtney Dobbs Female Cross Country Senior
Jared Allison Male Track Sophomore
John Trope Male Diving Senior
Sam Fink Male Soccer Sophomore
Tyra Clemmenson Female Field Hockey Junior
Michelle Hartenstein Female Golf Sophomore
Kyle Eager Male Track Junior

Links to School SAAC Sites

Boston College Clemson Duke Florida State Georgia Tech Maryland Miami North Carolina NC State Notre Dame Pittsburgh Syracuse Virginia Virginia Tech Wake Forest



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