ACC Football Officials

ACC Football Officials

Tuesday December 31, 2013


ACC Football Officials

The Atlantic Coast Conference maintains a staff of veteran football officials to facilitate the administration of our games. These officials come from a wide variety of locations, occupations and experience levels. To handle the overall officiating responsibilities of the ACC, there are:

  • 12 seven-man crews of varsity officials
  • 35 supplemental officials
  • 16 Replay Officials/Technical Advisors
  • 16 Replay communicators and observers

The ACC Coordinator of Football Officiating is responsible for the recruitment, selection, training and development of this staff. He coordinates the assignment, performance reviews, and overall activities of the entire staff. All officials are independent contractors and undergo a year round process to maintain their officiating skills. Upon selection, officials receive a thorough background investigation, attend regional and national clinics and meetings, and must pass a combination of written rules examinations and physical tests annually. Officials provide officiating services for the member schools of the ACC for scrimmages, spring games and regular season contests.

Officials must be at the game site at 6 PM on the evening before a game. They participate in a rules and mechanics meeting and review appropriate video of the previous weeks' games. A post-game review of their performance is conducted by a Technical Advisor after each game through video review. Performance appraisals are rendered at the end of each season.

Every game is monitored at the ACC's Game Day Operations Center where each foul is recorded along with a variety of plays to ensure proper administration of the rules is conducted. Emphasis is on accountability, uniformity, fairness, safety, consistency, and professionalism. This Game Day Operations Center forms the starting point for video review of all lays and to create weekly training videos disseminated to all coaches and officials, as well as media when appropriate

A staff of former officials forms the core of the Replay Official/Technical Advisor staff. These officials are located in a booth in the press box and operate sophisticated equipment that allows them to review various video footage from plays immediately as they occur. Beginning in the 2005 season, the NCAA Rules provided for instant replay. Every play of every game is reviewed. The personnel in the booth include:

A Technician that ensures all equipment is functioning properly between the TV production network and the booth

A Communicator that operates the replay equipment and enters data such as down, distance, penalty; time of the game etc. for an accurate logging of play information

A Replay Official/Technical Advisor, who makes the decision to review a play, stop the game, and determine if a play is confirmed, stands as called or reversed