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Friday, Feb 7, 2014 10:45 pm
(0-0-0, 0-0-0)
South Alabama
Mobile, Ala.
Syracuse @ South Alabama Final - Winner: South Alabama

1 5 3
2 5 1
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    1 Runs 2
    5 Hits 5
    3 Errors 1
    5 Left on Base 6
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    Partyka grounded out to ss.
    Partyka pinch hit for Johnson.
    Dombrowski to rf for Forkin.
    Forkin singled to right center.
    Forkin pinch hit for Dombrowski.
    Chitkowski popped up to ss.
    Lundstrom homered to right field, RBI.
    Watson grounded out to 2b.
    Herron, A. struck out swinging.
    Messer, E. singled to second base, advanced to second on the throw, RBI; Griffith, K. advanced to third, scored on the throw.
    Breeden, A. struck out looking.
    Rathburn, C. flied out to cf; Griffith, K. advanced to second on the throw.
    Griffith, K. walked.
    Clermont to p for Taylor.
    Ozanne flied out to cf.
    Wambold popped up to 2b.
    O'Hara struck out swinging.
    Moss, J. flied out to lf.
    Johnson, B. grounded out to p.
    Pilkington singled up the middle, advanced to second on a throwing error by cf; Jones, G. advanced to third.
    Jones, G. stole second.
    Jones, G. reached on a throwing error by 3b, SAC, bunt; Messer, E. scored.
    Herron, A. out at first 3b to 2b, SAC, bunt; Messer, E. advanced to second.
    Messer, E. walked.
    Daniels struck out looking.
    Johnson grounded out to p.
    Dombrowski struck out swinging.
    Breeden, A. popped up to 2b.
    Rathburn, C. lined out to 1b.
    Griffith, K. reached on an error by 1b.
    Moss, J. grounded out to ss.
    Chitkowski popped up to 3b.
    Lundstrom singled up the middle.
    Watson struck out swinging.
    Ozanne lined out to p.
    Johnson, B. flied out to lf.
    Pilkington tripled to right field.
    Jones, G. out at first 1b to 2b to 1b.
    Herron, A. struck out swinging.
    Wambold popped up to 1b.
    O'Hara struck out looking.
    Daniels struck out looking.
    Messer, E. popped up to 3b.
    Breeden, A. lined out to ss.
    Rathburn, C. grounded out to 2b.
    Johnson struck out swinging.
    Dombrowski struck out swinging.
    Chitkowski doubled to right field.
    Lundstrom struck out looking.
    Griffith, K. lined into double play ss to 1b; Moss, J. out on the play.
    Moss, J. singled to second base; Johnson, B. advanced to second.
    Johnson, B. singled to shortstop.
    Pilkington grounded out to ss.
    Watson struck out swinging.
    Ozanne reached on an error by 3b; Wambold advanced to second.
    Wambold singled up the middle.
    O'Hara struck out swinging.
    Daniels struck out looking.
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